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Friends Forever

Joel Miller, CA
Jeremy Pettee, AZ
Jon Potter, CA
Jerad Staire, CA
Joe Jacobi, CA
Sarah Booty, CA

just freinds who i had lots of fun with but dunt know if we r still friends so if u read this and u wana be friends call me and ill put on friends foreever list my number- 559-440-9622.

Jessica Brannon
Dustin Malanca
Mary Odderson
Jacob Dailey
Jon Dailey
Shaun Longs
Alec Campbell
Matt Prescott
Jimmy Deaver
Chris Coleman
Samantha Masai
Kayla Mcall
Alice Stolp
Kyle o'  neil
Drew Trippel
Heather Hyatt
Olivia bewarder
Alicia Duren
Sharron Barr
Carrie Conley
Ali Watt
Landon Grossi
Starr Shockley
Alicia Nyberg